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"Our Choice" Foundation / Nasz Wybor

The “Our Choice” Foundation was founded in 2009 by Ukrainians and their Polish friends to work for Ukrainian migrants in Poland, help them to integrate with Polish society and Polish culture, and to familiarize Poles with Ukrainian culture. With time, the Foundation has expanded the group of recipients of its activities to citizens of other countries.

APPNA (Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America)

APPNA was founded in 1976 by Pakistani diaspora members and has been delivering humanitarian aid to Pakistan since then. They are focused on education, health care and advocacy and conduct awareness webinars and mobile health consultations.

ARISE! Nigerian Woman

Based in Lagos and London UK, ARISE! Nigerian Woman is a social change non-governmental organization aimed at creating a platform for all Nigerian women regardless of age, culture, religion, tribe and status to become active in nation building. Arise is a member organization of "Girls Not Brides", which is a global network of more than 1,600 civil society organizations from over 100 countries committed to ending child marriage and ensuring girls can reach their full potential.

ATAA Humanitarian Relief Association

A non-profit humanitarian organization registered in Turkey, established in early 2013 to provide humanitarian relief to the needy and afflicted.


Abad e. V. tries to encourage people with a migration background to take part in development projects in Afghanistan. They advise people, especially in Afghanistan, to help them strengthen themselves. For this they prepare trustworthy information on various topics. Education is the main focus of the organization. They network all experts in various fields and offer educational programs.

Abjad Initiative for Education

Abjad is an Education initiative aiming to build a brighter future for the generation of youth who grew up in the midst of war and suffering. We in Abjad, through our projects, have a holistic approach that aims for the all-around development of children and youth, their sustainable livelihood, and their integration into society, which enables them to participate in the mainstream development process and contributes to building sustainable communities through education.

Afghan Action

Afghan Action ethically give support to Afghanistan through our carpet factory and training school. Afghan Action is working in Afghanistan teaching carpet weaving skills to support local economic development and help people acquire a skill.

Afghan American Community Organization

It aims to advance the Afghan-American community through education and outreach, and promote civic and social engagement.

Afghan American Community of Washington

Afghan American Community of Washington is a non-profit religious-based organization that strives to promote the interests of the Afghan community in all areas of cultural, religious and social needs. The goal is to protect and preserve the Afghan culture and heritage, languages, and rich traditions while adapting to American societies.

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