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Create Ukraine - Call for Application

In today’s globalized world, the younger generation is increasingly mobile. Young people leave their home countries searching for the careers they aspire to. CREATE UKRAINE aims to bring change-makers – young Ukrainians who have acquired valuable international experience – back to their homeland to apply their skills in building a robust economic system and implementing vital reforms.

This project is being implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine. To ensure they can maximize the impact of their work, the young professionals receive comprehensive support and professional development opportunities from the Kyiv School of Economics.

Send your application before July 31, 2024. For ten months, the selected candidates will join the advisory and consultative team at the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine and receive:

  • Responsibility for state-building processes
  • Targeted training programs in leadership, policy analysis, and project management
  • Seminars and workshops from leading experts
  • Mentorship from top officials of the Ukrainian Government
  • Direct opportunity to change the country
  • A strong community of change-makers
  • Strategic partnerships between the Government and Society
  • Challenges that we will overcome together!

Learn about the desired qualifications, the application process and other FAQs here.

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Create Ukraine
Create Ukraine

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