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Diaspora Humanitarian Exchange

DEMAC is delighted to invite you to participate in our Call for Applications for the upcoming Diaspora Humanitarian Exchange, scheduled for October 28-29 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Are you currently volunteering or working with a diaspora organization involved in humanitarian response? Do you wish to enhance humanitarian assistance to your homeland by exchanging experiences, successes, and challenges with other diaspora organizations and expanding your network? If so, this is a unique opportunity for you to join our global diaspora community! SET THE AGENDA Our goal is to make this event as relevant as possible to your needs. That's why we encourage you to help shape the agenda for the day and share your expert knowledge. What topics interest you the most? What are the most significant challenges your organization faces when working in humanitarian response? Are there specific areas where you'd like to gain more knowledge or exchange insights? Whether it's fundraising, advocacy, coordination with institutional humanitarian actors, or something entirely different, we want to hear from you. You can indicate your preferences in the registration form. This will enable us to customize the agenda to meet your requirements and ensure the most valuable learning and exchange experience for you. WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? Before applying for the Diaspora Humanitarian Exchange, please review the participant criteria below. Please be aware that the number of participants is limited. After the registration deadline, we will select participants based on the following criteria: Your organization actively engages in humanitarian response efforts. Only one representative from each organization may participate. The chosen participant possesses a deep understanding of the organization's work and can effectively apply the knowledge gained from the workshop within their organization. The event will take place in person in Copenhagen, Denmark. DEMAC will cover travel and hotel expenses. Participants are expected to arrive on October 27th and commit to the full duration of the workshop. The workshop language will be English.   Limited seats available! Secure your spot today! Deadline for applications: 1 October 2023   Photo Credit: S.Bennett

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Snapshot Report Sudan 2023

August 2023. This is a short snapshot report of the initial mapping of the Sudanese diaspore response to the Sudan crisis from April to July 2023. The Real-Time Review will be published in September.

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Stepping Up Amidst Crisis: Syrian Diaspora's Earthquake Response

DEMAC launches new Report on Syrian Diaspora's Earthquake Response in Northwest Syria

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Meeting & Discussion: Somali Diaspora Humanitarian Responders

DEMAC and IOM invite Somali diaspora responding to humanitarian needs in Somalia to an online meeting and discussion about diaspora humanitarian response and coordination. The meeting will be in English with interpretation to Somali.  WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 18TH FROM 15.30-17.00 CET (BRUSSELS)/16.30-18.00 EAT (NAIROBI)/09.30-11.00 EST (NEW YORK) ON ZOOM  (Macluumaadkan oo soomaali ah. Scroll down for Somali)   AGENDA Introduction to DEMAC & IOM's coordination support for diaspora Lessons from local and diaspora humanitarian responders: presentation by Kalkal Human Rights Development Organization about anticipatory response to the floods in Beletweyne Discussion and consultations about coordination support for diaspora WHO CAN PARTICIPATE Somali diaspora who currently provide or are interested in providing humanitarian assistance in Somalia are welcome to attend.  ABOUT THE PROJECT DEMAC and IOM are launching a joint project that aims to support coordination for Somali diaspora humanitarian responders. Through the project we will work with diaspora to: Host meetings for and with diaspora humanitarian responders where you can share information and learn from each other's responses Share information about the context and needs in Somalia via our Somali-based team Publish and disseminate information about diaspora's humanitarian responses Connect diaspora and international actors This is part of the project “Enhancing Diasporas’ Operations and Coordination in Humanitarian Assistance for increased impact within a Framework for Diaspora Engagement in Humanitarian Assistance – Phase III,” funded by USAID’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA). KALKAL HUMAN RIGHTS DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION (KHARDO) Kalkal Human Rights Development Organization (KHARDO) is a non-political, non-profit making organization based in Somalia and responding to needs in South and Central Somalia. KHARDO`s activities are locally led but members of the Somali diaspora still support as advisors and members of the board. Prior to the floods in Beletweyne in May, 2023, KHARDO led an anticipatory action project to ensure early warning and relocation support to communities at risk of being affected by flooding. Through the project KHARDO evacuated 3,400 households from Beletweyne prior to the flooding. During the meeting, representatives from KHARDO will share more about challenges and best practices during their anticipatory response and how diaspora and locally-based actors can work together for strong humanitarian responses. SPEAKERS FROM KHARDO Ibrahim Mohamed Mahad - KHARDO Program Coordinator Nasra Mohamed Ahmed - Operation Manager and Diaspora Board Member CONTRIBUTING TO THE DISCUSSION Part of the meeting will be a discussion with attendees about the Somali diaspora humanitarian responders' needs and priorities for coordination support. The questions we will discuss during the meeting include: How can coordination and information-sharing between diaspora organizations be improved? How can coordination and information-sharing between diaspora and other actors (such as local, institutional, and government) be improved? How would you like to be involved in coordination among diaspora, and between diaspora, local, international, and government actors? Aside from coordination, what are the main challenges you face when responding to humanitarian needs in Somalia? How can DEMAC and IOM support in addressing these challenges? Please reach out to us at [email protected] if there are additional questions you would like to discuss or if you have requests on topics to address during the meeting.  Find more information about:• IOM & DEMAC`s collaboration to support Somali diaspora• DEMACs current work with Somali diaspora• IOM`s Framework for Diaspora Engagement in Humanitarian Assistance ARBACADA, 18KII OKTOOBAR LAGA BILAABO 15.30-17.00 CET (BRUSSELS)/16.30-18.00 EAT (NAIROBI)/09.30-11.00 EST (NEW YORK) EE ZOOM DEMAC iyo IOM ayaa ku casuumayayaan qurbo joogtada Soomaalida ee siinayo kaalmada bani'aadannimada Soomaaliya oo kulan onleen ah iyo wadahadalka ku saabsan jawaabta iyo xiriirinta bani'aadannimada qurbo joogtada. Kulanka wuxuu noqonayaa af Ingiriis oo wehliyo fasiraada af Soomaaliga.  AJENDADA: Hordhaca taageerada xiriirinta DEMAC & IOM ee qurbo joogtada Casharada laga helay ka jawaabayaasha bini'aadinnimada qurbo joogtada: bandhiga Ururka Hormarinta Xaquuql Insaanka Kalkal [Kalkal Human Rights Development Organization] wax ku saabsan jawaabta looga hortagayo fatahaadaha Beletweyne Wadahadalka iyo wadatashiga ku saabsan taageerada xiriirada ee qurbo joogtada YAA KA QEYBQAADAN KARO Qurba joogta Soomaalida ee hadda bixiya ama daneynayo inay bixiyaan kaalmada bani'aadannimada ee Soomaaliya waa laga soo dhaweynayaa inay ka qeybqaataan. WAX KU SAABSAN MASHRUUCA DEMAC iyo IOM ayaa bilaabaya mashruuc wadajir ah kaasoo ujeedadiisa ay tahay in lagu taageero isku xirka ka jawaabayaasha bini'aadantinimada ee qurbajoogta Soomaalida ah. Inagoo u mareyno mashruuca waxaan la shaqeyneynaa qurba joogta: Kulamada martigelinta ee loogu tallogalay ka jawaabayaasha bani'aadannimada qurbo joogta meeshaas oo ay isla wadaagi karaan oo ay iska baran karaan jawaabaha midba midka kale Wadaagaan warbixinta ugu dambeysay oo gaarka ah ee ku saabsan xaaladda iyo baahiyaha Soomaaliya ee loo marsiinayo kooxda Soomaalida ku saleysan Daabaco oo qeybiyo warbixinta ku saabsan jawaabaha bani'aadannimada qurba joogtada Isku xirka qurba joogtada iyo wakiilada caalamiga ah Tan waxay qeyb ka tahay mashruuca "Xoojinta Qurbo joogtada' ee Howlgalada iyo Xiriirinta Caawinta Bani'aadannimada oo saameynta korodhay ee gudaha Qaabdhismeedka Ka qeybgelinta Qurbo joogtada ee Kaalmada Bani'aadannimada – Wajiga III," oo ay maalgeliyeen Xafiiska Caawinta Bani'aadannimada USAID ee (BHA - Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance). URURKA HORMARINTA XAQUUQUL INSAANKE EE KALKAL (KHARDO) Ururka Hormarinta Xaquuqul Insaanka Kalkal [Kalkal Human Rights Development Organization] (KHARDO) waa urur aan siyaasi aheyn, aan faa'ido doon aheyn ee ku sugan Soomaaliya oo ka jawaabo baahiyaha Koonfurta iyo Bartamaha Soomaaliya ee aagaga xaquuqul insaanka, illaalada, waxbarashada, iyo isbadelka cimilada. KHARDO waxaa la aas aasay sannadka 2013 iyadoo ay iska kaashadeen jaaliyadaha Soomaaliya iyo qurbajoogtada ku nool Yurub iyo Waqooyiga Ameerika. Hawlaha Khardo waxa hogaamiya dad gudaha jooga iyada oo ay wixii farsamo ahna ka taageerayaan xubno qurbo jooga.  Fatahaada Beletweyne ka hor ee Maajo, 2023, KHARDO waxay hoggaamisay mashruuc tallaabooyin looga hortago si loo hubiyo digniin hore iyo taageerada dib u dajinta ee bulshooyinka ku jiro halista ay saameysay fatahaada. Iyadoo loo marayo mashruuca ay KHARDO ku qiimeysay 3,400 qoysas ee Beletweyne fatahaada ka hor. Inta lagu jiro kulanka, wakiilada KHARDO waxay wax badan ka wadaagayaan caqabadaha iyo hab dhaqamada ugu wanaagsan inta lagu jiro ka jawaabahooda looga hortago iyo sida qurbajoogta iyo howl wadeenada deegaanka ku saleysan waxay ka wada shaqeyn karaan jawaabaha xoogan ee baini'aadannimada. KHARDO waxaa matalayo:  Ibrahim Mohamed Mahad - KHARDO Program Coordinator Nasra Mohamed Ahmed - Operation Manager and Diaspora Board Member Mowduucyada wada xaajoodka Qeyb ka mid ah kulanka ayaa noqonayo wadahadal oo ka qeybgalayaasha ku saabsan baahiyaah ka jawaabayaasha bani'aadannimada qurbo joogta Soomaaliya iyo mudnaanada taageerada xiriirinta. Su'aalaha aan ka hadleyno inta lagu jiro kulanka oo ay ku jiraan: Sidee ayaa xiriirinta iyo warbixin wadaagida la xiriirto u dhaxeyso ururada qurbo joogtada in la hormariyo? Sidee ayaa xiriirinta iyo warbixin wadaagida qurbo joogtada iyo wakiilada kale (sida deegaanka, machadyada iyo dowlada) loo hormarinayaa? Sideed ayaad ku jeclaan kartaa inaad ka qeyb ahaatid xiriirinta qurbo joogtada, iyo u dhaxeeyo qurbo joogtada, deegaanka, caalamiga, iyo wakiilada dowlada? Markii dhinac loo dhigo xiriirinta, waa maxay caqabadaha guud ee aad wajahdid markii aad ka jawaabeysid baahiyaha bani'aadannimada ee Soomaaliya? Sidee ayaa DEMAC iyo IOM u taageertaa wax ka qabashada caqabadaha? Photo Credit: Jamil Ghafuri

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How an earthquake unites the Caribbean Diaspora

Ten years ago, when Dr. Magalie Emile-Backer co-founded the diaspora organization HRA – Haiti Renewal Alliance in the US, she had not imagined the scale of disaster her country of birth would be facing. Originally established as a platform to mobilise diaspora skills and resources for development and entrepreneurship in Haiti, the organization has quickly adapted their operations to humanitarian relief, following emergencies such as the 2021 earthquake.When history strikes againA decade ago, an earthquake struck just outside Haiti's capital of Port-au-Prince, leaving hundreds of thousands dead and millions displaced.On Saturday August 14, 2021, the island was hit again, by a temblor two times larger than the one in 2010. It took only 30 seconds for this 7.2 magnitude earthquake to devastate the Southwest Region of Haiti. Latest figures estimate that 800,000 people, including 340,000 children, have been affected by the earthquake which has left more than 2,200 dead and over 12,000 injured.The earthquake could not have come at a worst time for Haiti, which is still reeling from the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse on 7 July 2021. Combined with escalating gang violence this has resulted in the internal displacement of around 19,000 Haitians, while 4.4 million people were already in need of humanitarian assistance prior to the earthquake, half of them children.      Coordinating disaster response across an umbrella HRA activated its Haitian Diaspora Emergency Response Unit (HDERU) via shortly after the earthquake and managed to streamline humanitarian response efforts. First, it launched a diaspora fundraising campaign in partnership with its Haitian diaspora platform, where within few weeks, more than 60 diaspora groups raised 1.5 million USD through a collective fundraiser.Secondly, Haiti Renewal Alliance oversaw and coordinated the relief efforts of members in the US as an umbrella organization. They organized regular online member meetings to discuss needs on the ground in Haiti and aligned their humanitarian activities. Instant sharing of information helped to overcome logistical barriers and HRA could identify and fill gaps in providing aid to affected, local communities.Some numbers & facts: More than 60 diaspora groups raised 1.5 million USD.  Over 200 organizations, government officials and health care workers participated in situational briefings HRA sourced local supplies by connecting local companies with the Haitian government’s needs assessment report team. HRA could deliver and distribute 2000 units of 5 gallons water, 500 tents and tarps, and containers filled with medical and hygiene supplies towards affected Haitian communities.   This was only possible, because members of HRA were agile and utilized relationships with local civil society groups. In addition, they coordinated with institutional partners like USAID to mobilize additional diaspora financial resources and expertise.        Building back better togetherBy September 30 2021, HRA deactivated its Haitian Diaspora Emergency Response Unit (HDERU). However, relief and long-term recovery efforts will continue for affected people via OneDiaspora's mission is to maximize support of Haiti’s private sector, particularly small and medium enterprises, to ensure the local economy is not disrupted.Like HRA, several diaspora organizations involved in humanitarian response engage in humanitarian action before, during and after crises occur, meaning that they can draw on networks and expertise to identify needs, mobilize resources and respond to crises across the so called humanitarian-development nexus. This agility ensures that diaspora's often can shift relatively easily from a development to a humanitarian focus (or vice versa). A quality, which not only helps to save lives immediately, but ensures a long-term engagement in building back a country together.   Photo Credit: Heater Suggitt, Bill Hamway Goha & Zach Vessel on

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Powerful flood response by Pakistan's diaspora

Fighting the water crisis with local partners on the ground


Get an instant overview of where diaspora organizations respond

Diaspora Responses Map


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Snapshot Report NW Syria 2023

August 2023. Snapshot of the Real-Time Review on Syrian diaspora response to the earthquake in Northwest Syria.

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Diaspora Humanitarian Response & Engagement Good Practices

July 2022. This report provides an overview of key good practices of diaspora organizations that engage in humanitarian response.

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Diaspora Toolkit: 5 Pocket Guides for Diaspora Organizations

Learn how to better understand humanitarian concepts and the way of working with humanitarian actors.

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