Building A Better Response: New E-Learning Platform

15 June 2023

The new Building A Better Response (BBR) e-learning platform is here! Launched in 2022, the platform features updated learning modules, new avatars, an updated color palette, and new case study assessments.


Humanitarians in focus

Since 2012, BBR has been used as an onboarding tool for new humanitarian professions across a range of local and international NGOs. BBR's key objectives are to train new humanitarian actors and to refresh the knowledge of experienced humanitarian actors. BBR has improved knowledge of the humanitarian system for close to 90,000 learners based in 224 countries and territories around the world.


Available in several languages

The course is available in 4 languages: English, Arabic, French, and Spanish. Voiceover options are also available in Polish and Ukrainian. Transcript translations are available in Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Dari, and Urdu.


Who is behind the E-Learning Platform

Funded by the US Agency for International Development Office of US Foreign Disaster Assistance, the project is being implemented through a consortium that brings together a combination of operational and technical expertise, spearheaded by International Medical Corps in collaboration with Concern Worldwide and the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative.


Enroll HERE and contribute to a better response in humanitarian assistance 

Building A Better Response

DEMAC is a global initiative aiming at enhancing mutual knowledge and coordination, communication and coherence between diaspora humanitarian actors and the institutional humanitarian system.

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