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Global Diaspora Week 2023

Collective Diaspora Impact in the Context of Global Partnership

The impact of diaspora on the global scale is diverse and influential, spanning across various domains that contribute significantly to positive change and development worldwide.

Global Diaspora Confederation (GDC) operates in the belief that true empowerment stems from the ability to create impact. As such, a primary role of GDC is to empower its member diaspora organizations (DO), equipping them with the necessary tools, resources, and support to continually generate positive change within their communities and societies at large. By fostering an environment of collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and capacity-building, GDC aims to cultivate a community of dynamic and impactful DOs who are at the forefront of transforming lives and shaping the world.

The Global Diaspora Confederation sets the stage for annual events that serve as pillars of inspiration and collaboration. The GDWeek and GDAssembly provide unique platforms for DOs to engage, exchange ideas, and showcase their initiatives, further solidifying the sense of unity and collective purpose within the diaspora community.

These events not only celebrate the diversity and achievements of DOs but also lay the foundation for deeper connections and collaborations that extend beyond geographic boundaries.

During GDWeek this year, there will be a combination of various events organized for diaspora organizations and interested stakeholders in DOs’ activities. Among them the GDForum, GDAcademy, 3rd Annual Humanitarian Meeting, GDC-IOM Joint Workshop on Diaspora Training Toolkit, talks by Young Diaspora Leaders and many others organized worldwide by the DOs themselves.

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More about Global Diaspora Week HERE.


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Global Diaspora Confederation
Global Diaspora Confederation

DEMAC is a global initiative aiming at enhancing mutual knowledge and coordination, communication and coherence between diaspora humanitarian actors and the institutional humanitarian system.

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