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Diaspora Project Support (DiPS) fund

The DiPS fund grants approximately 1,700,000 DKK per year to Danish-based Somali and Afghan diaspora organizations for development and rehabilitation projects in their countries of origin. Applicants can apply for funding under TRACK 1 (up to 150.000 DKK) or TRACK 2 (150.000- 300.000 DKK) for projects lasting up to 12 months. Applications are assessed and selected according to two main criteria; (i) diaspora engagement and diaspora contribution; (ii) project impact. 

Applicants for TRACK 1funding do not need to have previous experience implementing projects. To be eligible for TRACK 2 applicants must show documentation of previous experience managing grants. For TRACK 2 the applicant must also provide 5% own contribution of the total project expenditure. 

Who can apply?

Only Somali and Afghan diaspora individuals and organizations in Denmark are eligible to apply for funding through the DiPS fund.

The requirements that you must meet are:

For TRACK 1 and 2:

  • Applicants must be an established non-profit Somali or Afghan diaspora organization in Denmark;
  • The diaspora applicant may not be involved in an ongoing project funded by DiPS at the time of application;
  • At least two contact persons must be members of Afghan or Somali diaspora;
  • It is mandatory to have two diaspora representatives actively involved in developing the project;
  • It is allowed to submit applications as collaborations between two or more diaspora organizations. 

For TRACK 1: Organizations from the Afghan or Somalia diaspora can apply for funding. It is not a requirement to have any previous experience with implementing projects.

For TRACK 2: Your diaspora organization must have previous experience implementing projects and managing grants of 100,000 DKK or more. Proof of previous experience must be submitted together with the application. Please not that only a limited number of projects will be approved for Track 2, resulting Track 2 to be more competitive.

Which projects can be funded?

Projects activities that contribute to rehabilitation and/or development for people affected by conflict and displacement in Afghanistan and Somalia or neighboring countries hosting significant Afghan or Somali communities may be supported by DiPS. The project can last up to 12 months.

Projects will be assessed and selected to continue to the develop phase based on scores in three categories;

  • Constructive diaspora engagement and diaspora contribution
  • High project impact
  • Diaspora applicant motivation and capacity development potential

Does DiPS offer help with the application?

If you have questions about applying for the DiPS fund the Application Guidelines (see Application Package) is very helpful. DiPS also provides help through workshops and trainings before the application deadline. You can also book a meeting with DiPS consultant Dharbaxo to discuss your idea. Read more in our capacity development page. 

For more information you can visit the DiPS website.

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