Building bridges between The Netherlands and Afghanistan

21 October 2021

The KEIHAN Foundation strives for a stable and developed Afghanistan and wants to contribute in every way. Healthcare in Afghanistan is deplorable and that is why we are actively committed to contributing to a well-functioning health system.


This involves structural and sustainable assistance in the field of medical education, such as improving the knowledge level of students and teachers there through knowledge transfer, exchange programs and training here in the Netherlands.


We also try to provide hospitals and other medical practices with basic medical supplies, and to create networks and new partnerships between the medical faculties in Afghanistan and in the Netherlands.


During Covid-19 we distributed medical aid to Malalai Maternity Hospital, Jamhuriat Specialty Hospital in Kabul and 400 PPE kits, 400 face-shields and 20 pulse-oximeters to designated COVID-19 hospitals in the city of Herat.


KEIHAN Foundation stands for Knowledge, Education, Integration, Assistance (for) Afghans in the Netherlands and Afghanistan. The Foundation was established 13 December 2005 by a group of Afghan diaspora in the Netherlands.


Our foundation has 3 main objectives:


  • Knowledge (Education) sharing
  • Mutual Integration
  • Development Assistance


We strive for a lasting collaboration and networking with other national and international organizations and experts to achieve the aforementioned goals.


Photo Credit: © Stefanie Glinski

The contents are the line responsibility of the diaspora organization and do not necessarily reflect the views of DEMAC.




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KEIHAN Foundation

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